Since our beginning in early 2021, we have named our pieces after some very important people and places. More notably at the launch of Blessington our first collection the “Snowy Monaro” included some now sold out pieces that are deserving of being memorialized because of the significance of the people they are named after. 


In the Snowy Monaro region, Jindabye holds significance as the town of the region, a connection between the two famous snow fields, a hub for holidayers and those who are there to participate in the many activities that Jindy has to offer. 

One man who was at the heart of all the winter and summer activities was Harro. For nearly 30 years Harro and his staff worked at Lake Crackenback with smiles and cheer to serve the stampedes of families, groups and newcomers making sure they were well equipped for their alpine and summertime adventures. No matter the person, Harro was always there to accommodate your every need for equipment and information. 

Since my Brother and I were able to Ski we had been going to “Harro's”. We experienced, like everyone did, the Local legends' hospitality and ability to make you feel welcome in an otherwise overwhelming rush to the slopes, He would always remember your face. Some of our fondest and core childhood memories always started from a trip to Harro’s. Words cannot illustrate the importance Harro had to the community, his unwavering commitment to servicing the community could never be repaid, this is why we decided to name a timepiece after him in our first collection. He was never a man for recognition but he more than deserved some. 

Harro was a Local legend, from being an Australian representative canoeist in the 70’s, the “Solo Man” canoeist in the iconic “solo man” ad, a supporter of local ski sports, International businessman, a community icon/staple but most importantly a friendly face.

In loving memory David “Harro” Harrison 1957-2021


In the Snowy Monaro region, lived a man named IVO that was the definition of Local legend.  Ivo’s name spread the furthest in the region, simply mentioning his name could spark a connection between two strangers as you pause to discuss your favourite memories, stories and experiences of the Legend. 

Our family like countless others owe a lot to Ivo, Arriving as an immigrant from Austria in 1961 Ivo made his way to the snowfields to infuse his charm to the region. Ivo began his life in Australia as a carpenter/Stonemason helping construct many of the early structures that still stand today in the region like the bridge at Lake Crackenback, the SkiTube tunnel, Merrits and Khancoban community center, some structures he built have received upgrades in present day and have revealed a trademark calling card in the form of beer bottles “stubbies” and cans wedged and hidden behind a lot of the rock work. 

In 1962, Ivo became one of the first Ski instructors in Thredbo as he began to teach in the Ski School as well as competing in the NSW ski team. Ivo also purchased the Garbage license and did the local garbage run before hitting the slopes to run his lessons. Ivo mainly ran the beginner lessons as he thought it was important to look after them and give them positive experience to keep them coming back. 

For the next decade or so Ivo taught Skiing whilst doing odd side jobs. Ivo taught many famous people during his time as an instructor, people like Ken Myer, Brian Henderson to name a few, he also Stan Symmons (a famous Sydney Architect) who traded a house design for ski lessons (the design of which would later become Ivo’s Farm).  

Ivo went on to build Ivo’s farm, a beautifully designed house on a 104 acre lot, as well as a secondary house a few hundred meters away called Brindabella, both displaying beautiful vintage alpine qualities and features. Ivo, his wife Hanna and daughter Holly throughout the years had run their property as a word of mouth Bed and Breakfast, hosting around 16 beds. Sometimes the house was full and bustling and if you were lucky you’d have only a few people, either way you'd all sit around the table drinking (a lot of schnapps) and eating Hanna’s most authentic beautiful German homestyle food. After a long day skiing the slopes Ivo’s stories and naughty jokes were the perfect remedy for exhaustion and brain fog. The tales of adventure, tomfoolery, tragedy and laughter spread far and wide as many people were told the tale, no matter if the stories were repeated you'd still sit in admiration and laugh just as hard. I wish we could repeat a lot of the stories however some of the best should not be displayed here.

Ivo’s charm was infectious, a man that had been there and did it all, he was respected by everyone (even the police).  We cannot do justice to the life this man lived and the people whose lives were injected with dopamine because of Ivo. He was a crucial heartbeat to the community and those who were lucky enough to share some time with him will always cherish those memories. We are grateful to have stayed and been around Ivo for 15+ years and our parents more so as they had done so since the 80’s. When starting this brand there was no doubt or thought… we had to include him in the launch, a now sold out piece. Those who have it may not understand who the man behind it is, after this they still may not fully understand it but we couldn't let the meaning behind it disappear now the watch has been sold out. Thanks Ivo.

In loving memory Ivo Deubler 1939 – 2016.