Become an Affiliate

We have launched our Affiliate Marketing Platform. It is still in testing stages so if you run into an issue let us know. 
For every sale you bring in through your URL or CODE we will pay you 10% of each sale. Once you sign up the program will give you a special URL that is only linked to your account. The customer must use your URL/link though as we can see if that sale came from you. We will either pay you out manually via PayPal or bank transfer as we are still working on our Automatic Payout system. 
We will only pay you what is brought in through your link and what is tracked.
You can also track how many sales you've brought in through your affiliate dashboard. 
It is completely free to sign up and the dashboard is easy to navigate. You can either click the link above to sign up or join through our website. The link to sign up can also be found in the footer of our site. 
If we can see that you've brought in 4 or more sales we will increase your commission to 20% of each sale. 
So sign up! Share our watches around and promote your link! 
Join here
If you have any questions let us know