Our Story

Blessington was created to challenge the traditional watch brands. Upon buying our first big name watch we were taken back a bit on the whole experience, we thought we could do better.

A brainstorm over a coffee, in a small cafe we realized what a powerful statement a watch can be. They become family heirlooms, pieces of history and many people use them as a way of self-expression.

We wanted to start our own brand and what better name to use than our own “Blessington”.

So we worked many hours, in many jobs, bought many watch samples, in fact over 200 samples of watches over a 2 year period until we found the right 

fit for us both in quality and value at “Blessington”. My car was sold to fund the first shipment of watches, and the first Snowy Monaro Watch collection was born.

So, we were on our way. We realised that people take a lot of pride in their name, family and their home, so we thought why not give recognition to the places, people and the stories behind the ones in our lives. 

Tanner & Tane Blessington.