Our Story

An Australian Brand with Australian Stories...

Blessington strives to stray away from a traditional brand, each drop. Blessington creates a collection with a theme selected, allowing us to show appreciation and shed light onto a area or a person from Australia, each with its own unique story behind it - a limited amount of watches per drop.

Once the design sells out the watch will never be made or restocked again. This allows us to create an environment for individuality, knowing that you are one of the select few to own that design and the message behind it - our goal is to create a brand that could give back to the selected communities and people, we hope to one day team up with charities and fund raisers so we can give back to those who need it.

Once a design sells out we will spend the next few months creating and designing our next batch of limited edition watches.

Through countless hours of refinement and creation our vision was formed into the first collection of timepieces, a vessel for purpose, character and time all on your wrist.

Blessington & Co aims to eliminate typical industry shortcuts with its focus on quality craftsmanship and fair pricing. Inspired by adventure, this is more than just a brand, it's a way for all to add a finishing touch to your own unique style. 


Tanner & Tane Blessington.