When we started Blessington in late 2020/Early 2021, we started with the goal of creating collections that are named after regions and areas, inside these regions name them after Iconic places and sometimes people. Throughout our short history we have stuck to this, everyday we get countless comments, messages and emails requesting a watch be released named after a certain town or place. 


When Blessington was founded in later 2020, we started the company with the mission of creating “the Australian Watch”, we aimed at making high quality timepieces that are designed with Australia in mind, a watch/brand that will stand the test of time able to withstand the same historical strain that many of the places or people they are named after have, and hopefully become just as iconic.
When we began in the Snowy Monaro region, we started off strong but unprepared for the support we were going to receive, selling out within the first week revealed some logistical issues but only concreted our desire to follow this goal. Over our short history we have opened our spotlight to various areas of the country through our collections. We are still developing new ways to showcase the personality and features of an area whether it is by the design of our watch or the collaboration with an entity that represents a feature of an area or personality/movement associated with it. We aim to explore new ways to interact with our loyal and first time customers by showing a deeper understanding of what they appreciate. Following the release of the Wildlife collection, we have really identified the response from exploring some more recognised and iconic characters of Australia, Like the wildlife. We featured the iconic colors of the Animals with our iconic sundial that radiates their hue like the rays of the harsh Australian sun that is at its extreme where they like to call home, the piece also looking its best when observed under its rays.


We are interested in developing more collections in the future that explore similar features of Australia, along with continuing to explore different areas. Both of these are a part of our goal. We wanted to put in a format for all to read to show transparency behind our intended direction for the company, we appreciate all the support from our customers and for those who have been following our journey, we hope you continue to support us as we develop our brand identity with you.