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One of the founding ski instructors of Thredbo, Ivo Deubler (originally from Austria) was a local legend in the Snowy Mountains, everyone knew Ivo, anybody that was anybody. You can consider yourself as blessed if you have had a drink with Ivo. Ivo, a man of many talents, was a local stonemason who also ran a small Bed and Breakfast with his wife Hanna and daughter Holly and also ran the only taxi service in the area for many years. Ivo built their iconic Crackenback house himself, designed by Stan Symonds (a famous Sydney architect) who he gave skiing lessons as a trade for the house design. Ivo is still revered for leaving empty cans of beer behind his stone walls. He has left hundreds of empty cans all over the Snowy Mountains behind his stone masonry. Recently some empty beer cans were found when walls were being repaired in the Ski Tube Tunnel. Ivo hosted hundreds of people during his years running their Bed and Breakfast, spreading his local knowledge and his best stories over a large glass of wine.

We stayed with Hanna and Ivo for over 20 years. We shared many drinks with them and it was the only way we liked it, walking in to be greeted by Copper their dog and a Schnaps, a beautifully cooked Schnitzel. We would sit at the table laughing and crying to Ivo’s magical stories and Hanna’s beautiful cooking. How lucky were we to be a part of the Ivo magic?

Blessington creates a collection with an Australian theme behind it, allowing us to show appreciation and light onto a area or even person from Australia. Each with its own unique story behind it - with a very limited amount of watches per drop.
Once the design sells out the watch will never be made or restocked again. This allows us to create an environment for individuality, knowing that you are one of the select few to own that design and the message behind it
Of this colour and design we have only created 50 Watches, all handmade with the best materials. 



Band: 304 stainless steel 

Band Width: 20mm 

Case: 316L stainless steel

Case size: 42mm

Case thickness: 12mm

Glass: Sapphire

Movement: Japanese VD53 QUARTZ



In the Box 

1x Blessington Watch

1x Blessington Watch Case 

1x Blessington Bottle Opener & Grinder 

1x Blessington Watch Cloth